monica kunz

digital design & marketing professional

20-Year graphic art-web-design digital marketing and technology career with private and non-profit expertise.

Hybrid marketing, designer-developer bringing innovative ideas to organizations and collaborating fluidly across all levels.

Sample Projects

Event Program

Special Event Program

Event program for the Association for Women in Communications Women of Achievement Awards. Layout in InDesign and PhotoShop, including custom designs for sponsor ads.

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Career Classes Postcards


Post cards created using InDesign/Illustrator/PhotoShop to visually describe career classes being offered in the Ventura High School District. Each post card intention is to attract/intrigue the generation Z population.

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Independent Ads

Newspaper Advertisements

Advertisements designed and created for Santa Barbara newspaper, The Independent.

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Hackathon Poster

Large Event Poster

Large event poster designed in Illustrator.

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HTML Email Newsletter

HTML Email

Responsive designed HTML Email, compatibility tested for use in all email clients for the The Nature Conservancy's Science for Nature and People Partnership quarterly newsletter.

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NCEAS Annual Report

Scientific Annual Report

65+ page annual report designed in InDesign and PhotoShop for NCEAS' first annual report to the University of California Office of Research.

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Interactive Art Mobile App

Javascript Interactive Art App

Interactive mobile app programmed in JavaScript draws random rectangualr shapes from the weather of a random city and draws different bubble shapes with a finger (or mouse) based on user location.

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SNAPP Marketing Pamphlet

Marketing Pamphlet

Two-page tri-fold brochure created for the UCSB ecology center, NCEAS, designed in InDesign and PhotoShop.

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Negotiating in Global Markets Manual

Business Manual

Head designer and one of five writing contributors for a collaborative writing project.

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SBHS Volleyball Adverstising

Sports Program

Project leader and designer of a school sports sponsor/advertisement booklet. Custom designed a variety of logos for many of the program sponsors.

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DJXD Logo Design

DJ Custom Logo

Logo for a DJ, DJXD. Design includes an emulation of sound waves along with a techno emoji happy face.

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Writing Portfolio

Writing Portfolio

Sample of research papers, news articles, and other writing projects.

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Multimedia Research Report

jQuery Multimedia Report

Designed with jQuery mobile, this is a multimedia comparative analysis research report on the negative effects of media in culture and communication.

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IV Co-Op Wireframe Design

Mobile App Wireframe Collection

Series of wireframe designs for a collabortive mobile storytelling app project, in which I was the project and design leader.

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Dining and Destinations Website

Magazine Website cica 2006

This website was designed in 2006 for a local magazine. This project was designed exclusively in HTML and CSS to look similar in style to the magazine at the time. Demonstrates my early programming and design skills.

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Asia Accents Website

E-Commerce Website cica 2004

Early website designed and created before there were "true" e-commerce sites. The layout and design is exclusively in HTML and CSS. Logo and illustrations designed in Illustrator.

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Oil Painting

Oil Painting

Still life in oil. Granite boulder with focused light and printed cloth background.

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Charcoal Drawing of Flowers in Vase

Charcoal Drawing

Still life in charcoal.

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